1. Use «press play» vs. «autoplay». We would recommend using press play instead of having a video start immediately on your landing page. This option will give users power to control action on your landing pages.  ;-)

2. Show the benefits, not merely a product itself! Like any marketer you should know that people are tending to ask «Why do I need this for?» Make your video consumer-centric. Show the benefits of your product or service to the customer (do not neglect implicit benefits, e.g. positive associations such as public status). Show any possible value and profit your product may bring to the client. Give a brief user guide at least.
Let’s take for example Google Drive promotion campaign. Instead of presenting functionality of its service, Google demonstrated the benefits for customers. And it did work!

3. Keep a video short. We would recommend to make your video about 30 seconds to 2 minutes. An average person may keep focused for 5 seconds at most. Thus, a long video will put a user off your web site which will not add to the conversion rate. There are certainly exceptions. However, we suppose sticking to this principle is much more advantageous.
4. Make your video more engaging and up-to-date. Duration of your video is an important aspect. However, content is critical for any successful video. Always mind the idea of your video and the way you present it. Consider the opportunity to make your video more engaging to facilitate its shareability.
Should you use mobile screen capturing try to be optimistic, cheerful and informal. Add a bit of humor. Make your video easily-accessible for any viewer.

5. Don’t be perfectionist. If it is the first time you make video, don’t try to achieve the perfection. Gain the consistent improvements and master your skills by creating more and more videos. Don’t waste your time trying to make an ideal video. Always try to find a reasonable balance between the quality and time consumption.
Despite the fact we make video day by day, we cannot say we reached the perfection. Enough is as good as a feast. Always mind this proverb when polishing your video for too long.

6. Make a script. Scriptwriting may seem to you a waste of time, as you have not enough skills for it. Nevertheless, script allows you to steer the course, helping to improve the quality of your video. You will easily get used to scriptwriting and storyboards and will improve your timing.

7. Use Call to Action. Do not neglect using CTA in your video. CTA adds to optimization of any page. You may use the simplest statement as CTA, for example: “Use Our Product”. Time limitation also works well for promo, e.g. “Special Offer! 3 Days Only!”

 8. Use linear and straightforward approach. Similar to design, video shall use evident signals addressed to a viewer: image of a product, demonstration of service functioning, etc. Viewers shall easily get the idea of your video. Do not show food if selling clothes.

9. Use high-quality video with quick loading time. Be aware of using poor quality video! It will have an adverse effect to brand loyalty.
 Besides, make sure your video has high loading speed. Otherwise you risk to loose impatient users.

10. You should like your video. If you are going to make an engaging, funny and informative video or motion graphics, mind to be honest, as viewers sense a phoney a mile away. If you are enthusiastic and dedicated, the viewers will appreciate your work!


If you are still hesitating, to make or not to make a video, be sure to make it! Off with your fears and on with creation! We hope our tips are helpful. 

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