Each time you make a presentation, you should mind the following issues: 
1.    How to maximize a holding power of your video? 
2.    How to deliver your message in a simple and clear way? 
3.    How to enhance a memorable impact of your video?

Below we give you some tips, which will help you to create a product of a high quality:


1.    Always try to deliver your message in an offbeat and unconventional way.

Take a creative approach to your story. It doesn’t matter how common and ordinary the subject of your presentation is. You must do your best to make a presentation of your product or service as fascinating as it is possible. For example, you may use vivid images, funny jokes or unhackneyed metaphors. 

Live your story! Feel it deeply! The viewer should believe that you experienced everything you tell about.

Note: It is important to know where to draw the line! Don't turn your presentation into a Stand Up show, as it may draw attention away of your product.


2.    Mind the associations and learn your target audience. 

For example, if a hockey player tells a funny story in a company of his teammates they would definitely find it funny, unlike any other person who is not dealing with sport and may find the joke mindless and silly.


When making a presentation you should always mind a background and a sphere of interest of your audience. The viewers shall feel that you are on the same side of the fence. You may appeal to the information your audience is familiar with indirectly and gradually, for example:
Have you ever been to Hawaii? Have you ever seen a girl with a flower behind the ear? (It doesn’t matter what would be the answer. Your next words will imprint in a memory of a viewer). Have you ever known, that a flower behind the right ear says that a woman is opened for the affairs? The more flowers a Hawaiian woman has behind her ear, the stronger her lust is. A bright image accompanying your story will make it memorable and a viewer will definitely share this story with his friends.


3.    Open questions.

The mind of a human being gives an answer to each question… How's that? - That's how! Our subconscious mind always replies to an addressed question and it depends on a situation whether or not to voice the answer.
You should address questions to your audience to involve the viewers into an active dialog. 


4.    The beginning and the end.

Regardless of the situation, the first and the last actions are better stick in people’s mind. For example, we are 100% sure that you remember your first and your last cars. However, you would hardly describe in details the other cars you had. When making a public presentation, always try to be the first or the last speaker.


5.    Repeat actions make perfection!

This proverb valid for presentations as well! Repeat core points through your presentation continuously. To make it more delicate try to rephrase the repeated issues or use different metaphors. This will help to avoid creating a feeling that you try to brainwash your viewer.


6.    Be enthusiastic!

You must believe each action you do, each word you voice and each idea you deliver… To make other people believe that your product is useful, you should be confident in your ability to succeed. Passion is always catching! Take attention to the way the speaker delivers your presentation. Toneless and expressionless reading may kill even the most vivid story… And vice versa, a passionate and expressive speaker may easily catch attention of any audience and evoke positive emotions. A creative approach to a manner of delivery of your presentation may become the distinctive feature aimed at gaining an audience!

Enjoy the process of creation, seek for a creative approach and be passionate about what you do! These will help to make a unique and amazing video presentation!

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