Which association does a phrase Motion Graphics evoke in your mind? We are 99.9% sure that it reminds you of cartoons. In generally you are right. Now think, what cartoons do you remember? Is it a well-known Winnie the Pooh, a 2D cartoon motion picture? Or maybe it is Smeshariki, a 2D animated series created with flash animation (2D). Or Plasticine Crow, created with clay animation. The famous film studios currently produce new fascinating cartoons, which are the same engaging for kids, teens and adults, such as Shrek, a great example of 3D animation. Do you think animation is kid stuff! You are totally wrong!
Globally known brands, as Coca-cola, M&m Dems, Nissan, Nestle and others, has been successfully using computer graphics and motion graphics for a long time by now.

Video [Fanta. Agency:  Lighthouse Visual Effects]

So, let’s see how to integrate motion graphics into a commercial project:
In literature to make a description vivid, it is often used allegory or allusion, 
«Video allegory», implemented by means of animating objects, is an immaculate technique, which allows conveying a message directly to the viewer’s consciousness. Motion graphics is an art of animation. If, vice versa, living beings are assigned with qualities of inanimate objects, this technique is called Video Metaphor. WWF Commercial demonstrates a good example of video metaphor. They show us the world made of threads, emphasizing the motto We Are All Connected:

Video [WWF Commercial - Threads. Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Mexico]

You may often see mixture of live-action video and motion graphics. Nissan uses this mixture successfully in its commercial for Qashqai.

Video [Nissan Qashqai. Agency: PLEIX]

However, live-action video and motion graphics mix may give even far more opportunities. Contrast of these two worlds, which seem to be incompatible, is vividly demonstrated in Quit Smoking Commercial  

Quit Smoking .com.  Agency: Makevisual

You may easily engage viewers if presenting qualities of your product in unrealistic and weird way:

Anchor Glass Cows. Agency: Assembly

As you may see, computer graphics expanded a toolkit of marketers. It is the most accurate and vibrant way to communicate your idea to the customer. It allows using exaggeration or simplification to keep a customer focused on the major qualities of your product. It make possible to easily put into life even the most burlesque and unrealistic situation.

COOP "Underwater World" (Herring vs. Shark)

Where else should you use Computer Graphics and Motion Graphics?
For example, if you need to present any innovation, nanotechnology or sketching some abstract notion:

Innovation Union Act.4 from Nicolas jandrain

Abstract video-effects are delicate and artistic tools for media design, announcements, titles and music videos:

Video [CCTV Ink from Troublemakers]

Information graphics will help the viewer to deal with figures and trends. It better works with business presentations, particularly for B2B.
We believe that we managed to demonstrate a wide functionality of computer graphics for PR and marketing. Who knows, maybe this article stirred up some enthusiasts.

Red Giant: Volume

Animation in the world of advertising

Natalia Gorlo

Dear PR’s and marketers, mind that creating a high-quality and successful video requires huge time investments and efforts, but it will pay off in spades. Don’t put this task away for later. As you sow, so shall you reap!

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