Below we give a list of questions, which require honest reply:
What is the idea of your message to the audience?
Clearly define the target of your video. What massage do you want to address to the viewer? Is your target to motivate or call for action?  Formulate and write down the key message of your movie.
Who is your viewer?
Define your target group. You need to imagine your viewer: age, sex, lifestyle, education and many other aspects will help you to determine the range of interest of your target viewer. Mind that the better you know your target group, the easier your message reaches it!
Speak a common language with your target group.
Now when you know what is your target group, use the common language to communicate with it. Use the words and images, which are familiar to your viewers. You shall speak a plain, informal and clear language.
Catch the audience attention in 5 seconds!
Engage your audience with the first scene or the first dialogue. Shock it! Fascinate it! Knock it down!
Loop your message.
Formulate your message in different ways, using various images or plots. Repeat the key idea of your message for several times.  Even if your movie lasts at most 30 seconds, repeat it anyway. If you give your telephone number or address, show it on the screen and, if possible, say it for several times.
Call to Action!
Call to Action induces a person to make a next step, to follow a link to your shop, to call, to tell friends or to take an action you ask for in your message. Do not make your audience guess what to do, give your audience the clear direction!
Use a regular speech rate.
Do not try to give maximum information in the shortest time. Haste makes waste! You risk overloading a viewer with information so that he will fail to acquire it. 
Audio track with your speech shall be at least two seconds shorter than the video timeline. This will allow making your video integral and accomplished.
Video is a life in miniature.
If your story is inhabited with characters, you must know their nature and temper, foresee their reaction to different situations. This approach helps to create series of video. If you know your character, you will easily tell its interesting story to the viewer. 
Don’t be afraid of making changes.
Try different variants, change phrases, frame order, make twists in the plot.
To preview the animation you may create animatics using simple video editors (such as Adobe Premiere) – tutorial.
Animatic is a series of still images displayed in sequence. It is a sketch of the key frames of your movie.
As an audio track for animatic you may use a record of your voice and images you may either download from Internet or draw. The aim of animatic is to check whether the result meets your expectations, whether your message is addressed to the viewer and whether it is engaging enough.
Ask for impartial opinion.
It would be great if you have an opportunity to demonstrate your animatic to an impartial representative of your target audience! Show your animatic and ask what idea the viewer managed to catch. The result of such test may surprise you!
Scriptwriting is an engaging process! Have you just come across with some idea of a new project! Take a note, make a rough outline, elaborate the details and bring your idea into life… Scriptwriting is just the beginning!

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