Here we present top 10 reasons to use video on your landing pages.
So, what are the benefits of using video on your landing pages?

1. Conversions! The ultimate target of a landing page is to make your visitor to take action. Video is the best tool to succeed in this. Statistics says, videos on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 86%.

Note: According to study, the companies that doubled conversion rates were the tutoring companies.

2. Keep visitors on your page longer. The longer a visitor stays on your site, the more he or she becomes familiar with your brand and product. A video on your landing page shall be engaging to give a viewer more time to realize the benefits of your offer.

3. Visual impact works better than words!

A video can show how your product works. You may communicate a lot by giving visuals, not just describing with the word. Let’s say, I can describe a glowing golden sphere that exudes warmth and brightness or I could just show you this.
The same approach is valid for your products, services and offers. You can describe a device, for example, or make a short video about it.
Integrate this video to your landing page and keep watching how it pushes up your sales!

4. Improve trust factor. Trust is very important for conversions (especially for online companies). If a visitor comes across your landing page for the first time, he or she more likely don’t know you. Thus, there’s no reason to trust you. This visitor will hardly buy from you.
A video increases trust to your web-site or landing page, because human face or voice gives more personification. However, don’t neglect the design quality and functionality of your landing page or a website. If a video starring company CEO or staff it will definitely have stronger impact, making your company more trustworthy.

5. People like videos. People watch videos, they learn from videos and relax watching videos. Some research agencies report, only 28% of the words in a web-article are actually read. At the same time YouTube reaches over a billion auditory. Use video to give people what they want, and associate your product or service with it.

6. Deepen consumer connection to your project or service. Do you know that watching a video makes you feel more engaging to its topic? 
The most efficient videos are those that focus on your customer-centric list of benefits. Stop thinking like your business, and think like your customers to better present your services.

7. Make your page more memorable than just text. Your ultimate target on a landing page is to get conversions. However, if used efficiently enough, it can improve your brand awareness too. Videos can stimulate multiple sensory triggers, through both visual and auditory perception. Engage the viewer and strike him dumb with an unexpected turn of events – this is a success formula for your video!


Tip: Use video on a landing page to thank your new clients. Embed a short video of your CEO or team to thank them and give more benefits about your company. Your new prospect will be more likely to remember your offer and return for more.

8. Make images shareable and videos viral. In our social online world, images are by far the most shared content and videos are the most viral content. They’re viewed and shared millions of times every day. A short, well-made movie on your landing page can make your marketers efforts much easier, as your viewers do the sharing for you!

9. Easy-to-share video works the better testimonials. People trust people, especially if they are in some ways just like them. A potential customer will trust the opinion of a current customer more than they trust you. An opinion of an engineer is also more trustworthy than the one of a marketer. If you’re shopping for a new tablet, you’re probably going to ask your friends for their opinions, then you’ll go online and do research for where to buy it. At least, you find one. Who will you trust, a real, honest customer reviews or a commercial text? We are 100% sure customer testimonials are more persuasive. Customer testimonials are effective marketing tactics, and customer testimonials through video enhance that effectiveness.

10. Videos are persuasive. Statistics says, 90% of users report that watching a product video is persuasive in positive purchase decision. Videos help to direct your viewer to the thing you want. And the thing you want is conversion!

Even CEO’s are persuaded by videos. More than 51% of all executives, either visited a vendor’s site, or conducted further research into a vendor’s product after watching a product-related video. Executives, being overloaded with data stream, prefer watching video rather than reading texts.

If you’re B2B, video is a must on your landing page!

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