Animated content is no longer a luxury and have become an essential tool to improve website conversion rate. 
Background videos, tutorials, promos, video guidelines, animated presentations of products, all these tools are aimed at engaging visitors to your website and reducing bounce rate. 
Moreover, using both live action video and motion graphics is always best to give people the information they need as quickly as you can, while keeping them interested. High-quality video imprints for a long time and if supported with sound, directly appeals to the emotions a viewer. 
What benefits may video create to your business?

1.    You will gain frequent visitors!
Update your content with engaging video consistently. It will make the audience stick around. You shall constantly cheer your visitors with new fascinating video content!

2.    You will make your website more attractive.
If your video content is extremely creative, informative, witty and funny, it will definitely touch feelings of users and will make them visit your website over and over again.

3.    You will improve brand loyalty. 
Video allows you to introduce your team as well as your mission and policy to the viewers.  Animated presentation gives you a power to visually show off your brand personality.

4.    You will create value for your viewers.
Upload informative tutorial videos, which allow you to enhance customer loyalty and boost your traffic ranking, due to viral sharing. Provide users with an option to leave comments and obtain regularly updated feedback. Personal involvement (by means of comment option) improves an ability to acquire information.

5.    You will drive your traffic.
Search engines are sensitive to new content. Moreover, it doesn’t matter, whether it is a new post in a blog, a press-release, news or video. The more frequent you update your content, the closer to the top of search ranking you are. So, don’t you think it worth making a unique live action or animated video?

Use SEO tools to be more efficient, e.g. keywords in the name of video (no more than 1 or 2) and in description to the video. 

Use the easiest way to upload video content to your website, creating your own YouTube channel (mind that Google is YouTube owner). It will have more benefits in terms of SEO. Do use keywords to improve YouTube rating!

We hope to have succeed in clarifying why video is the best way to boost your search rating!

It is easy to create a good animated video nowadays, as editing tools have become more accessible. Use ready-made backgrounds, effects, templates and other motion design elements to create an animated logo or to assemble your own video, following the tutorials! So, what are you waiting for? It's time to scale new heights in search promotion!

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