Any webmaster knows that to communicate to a search engine any updates on a website or a website page list, you need to create a sitemap. What would you do to «tell» about video files on your website? You would definitely use a video sitemap! Let’s have a simple example of making a video sitemap.
First, we will consider the purpose and the major functions of this file.

•    Sitemap gives information about video contained on a website to search engines. 
•    Sitemap helps to index your video content. 
•    Sitemap helps to shows thumbnail images among search results. 
•    Your videos may appear in Google Video Search.

Do you like this idea? Are you now willing to make a sitemap for a video or animation on your website? Let’s learn how! 
At the beginning, create XML file and place it to the root of your website. You may also use possibility to open it with URL, as it is shown below:

You are welcome to use online generators to create XML. However, it is always better to make it on your own. Below we give you a simple example for sitemap. You may easily use it as a basis for your own sitemap:

<urlset xmlns="" xmlns:video="">
            <video:title>My video</video:title>
            <video:description>Simple tutorial how create video</video:description>
            <video:player_loc allow_embed="yes" autoplay="ap=1"></video:player_loc>
            <video:restriction relationship="allow">IE GB US CA</video:restriction>
            <video:gallery_loc title="Example Video"></video:gallery_loc>
            <video:price currency="EUR">0.97</video:price>
            <video:uploader info="">SamCarry</video:uploader>


The following tags are the must for any sitemap:
•    title.
•    description.
•    play page URL.
•    thumbnail URL.
•    Video file path or player URL.

Last but not the least: do not forget to submit URLs feature in Webmaster Tools at a final stage. It will allow any search engine to index your video and improve your traffic ranking.

Video Sitemap: Why to Use Sitemap for Video

Alexander Parovoy

We believe these simple tricks will make your video content easily searchable! Read our blog to get more hints and tips ;)

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