AniMi is a small team of enthusiastic people united by a common cause: we like to keep on our toes, explore new and getting fun rom every new project.

We are making animation short films

Our team creates presentations, ads, short animation stories in the 2d and 3d worlds.

Web development

We create sites and web services with adaptation for mobile versions.
We offer new and interesting solutions, including animation using HTML 5 technology.

Visualization of drawings and sketches

Do you have an idea or a drawing, but you need to see how it will actually look?
We offer you a 3D rendering of your ideas: devices, circuits, concepts and even ideas on a napkin.

AniMi studio
AniMi studio
AniMi studio
AniMi studio

Why do we need animation?

Easy to explain

It is always much easier to see than to imagine, short video clips will help you convey your idea to the audience.

Show otherwise

If something is not aesthetically pleasing or not decent, animation will help you to show it brightly, interestingly and with sense of humor.

It's great

Nothing can compare with the gamut of feelings and colors that are available today thanks to animation, cg and effects.