Video creatives created with the help of 3D graphics improve the content for social networks by making your product image bold and solid. Advertising message in video format is read faster and captivates the audience. Animation and computer graphics displaying interesting, catching and vivid stories.
Social networks are the main segment of the advertising market, the audience aged 8+  spend all the time with gadgets in their hands. Increasingly, users are watching videos without sound, which means that the visual side requires more careful processing. Also advertising messages should be as significant as possible, significant and easy to read.
Quality content is an important contribution to the image of your company, now the most popular social networks suggest content that built precisely on images and short videos.Encourage your customer to read the post by paying attention on quality by putting your product in a new, fresh or unusual perspective, change the point of view, add an element of artistry to your brand visual - and your advertising can be a   piece of art.
Animated videos for business from Animi studio are interesting and original solutions in projects. Creation 3d animations for social networks (creation video content for instagram); An animated product for social media  takes your organization's advertising to the next level.

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