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Why Online Video is the Future of Web Marketing?

23.12.2017 Good to know

Video marketing is now taking web industry by storm. However, to realise its full potential, much more should be done than just making video. Give an answer to a simple question: would you prefer reading this article or watching it? I am sure you agree that this question is rather interesting.

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Animation in the world of advertising

19.07.2017 Good to know

Which association does a phrase Motion Graphics evoke in your mind? We are 99.9% sure that it reminds you of cartoons. In generally you are right. Now think, what cartoons do you remember?

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5 Ways to Efficiently Use Video for Web Promotion

01.02.2017 Good to know

How does motion graphics contribute to your E-business? What tools does an efficient web promotion require? How to turn web visitors into clients and boost clickthrough rate? Find the answer below!

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Statistics: Video Marketing Proves Extreme Efficiency! Why Small Business Does Need Video Marketing?

20.09.2016 Good to know

This article will be especially helpful for small business owners who fail to use video marketing in their promotion strategy.

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5 Reasons You Should Add Video to Your Website

22.03.2016 Good to know

Moreover, using both live action video and motion graphics is always best to give people the information they need as quickly as you can, while keeping them interested. High-quality video imprints for a long time and if supported with sound, directly appeals to the emotions a viewer.  What benefits may video create to your business?

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