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Video Sitemap: Why to Use Sitemap for Video

18.04.2017 Opinion

Any webmaster knows that to communicate to a search engine any updates on a website or a website page list, you need to create a sitemap. What would you do to «tell» about video files on your website? You would definitely use a video sitemap! Let’s have a simple example of making a video sitemap.

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An advertising character

14.04.2016 Opinion

Nowadays a process of a usual brand turning into a recognizable one has a global dimension. Every company tends to build long-term customer engagement, and our post-industrial society requires every company’s special intangible benefits. Personifying a product is one of the most effective ways to build a positive brand image.

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Live Action Video vs Animated Motion Graphics

24.03.2015 Opinion

What would you prefer: a live action video or an animated motion graphics? What would better suit to achieve your goals?

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Background Video as a Marketing Tool

01.06.2014 Opinion

What is a background web video? Which format is better to use? How to make an animated background? In this article we will try to answer all these questions.

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Все мы в душе - дети! Или "почему анимационный ролик?"

23.05.2012 Opinion

Все мы, несмотря на свой возраст, гендерную принадлежность и социальный статус, чаще реагируем и запоминаем товар/услугу/компанию, «лицо» которых представлено с позиции юмора.

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