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30.04.2019 Animi studio life

We tried to support young initiatives and provided branded gifts from our company.  Animi - we beliave in young generation!

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Animi - Recommended by Brodude Magazine

27.11.2018 Animi studio life

Our company was included in the list of useful tools for promoting a business, according to the Brodude magazine.

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Animi at CG Space #3

25.06.2016 Animi studio life

Learning is never too late; learning is always interesting! Computer graphics and design are the main topics of the CG Space #3 conference

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"Фантастическая анимация" в кинотеатре Рекорд

27.04.2011 Animi studio life

Студия участвовала в благотворительном детском празднике «Фантастическая анимация».

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Cтатья в журнале КD

27.12.2010 Animi studio life

"Давайте делать видео - Рекомендации начинающим рекламным режиссерам"

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