When to choose Live Action Video?

1.    Are you promoting some ‘real’ things, especially food? Nothing works better to sell French fries, then a real image of fresh and crispy French fries served with souse on an exquisite plate …


2.    Live Action Video is the best way to appeal to client’s emotion. If you want to introduce your team or demonstrate mission of your company, video interview would be peerless tool! Nothing may engage the auditory so much, as a personal experience with real emotions and feelings do.


3.    Live Action Video is the unique tool, if your marketing strategy is based on a celebrity. It is essential to use Live Action Video, if, for example, a Hollywood star recommends your bank services or a sporting legend wears your watches.


4.    If video is aimed at giving references, real people are required to be involved in it. Feedback and first-hand experience are keys to visitors loyalty. 

Have you ever thought why reality shows are so much popular? The answer is obvious. People like watching the way the other people behave in everyday routine. This idea may bring advantage for use of live action video in your promo campaign.


What about Animated Motion Graphics?


When to choose Animated Motion Graphics:

1.    Motion graphics allow pushing the boundaries of reality! If you want to show a person getting astride the Moon or steeling a star from the sky, motion graphics would bring the boldest idea into life.

Impossible is nothing with animated motion graphics. Animated motion graphics would easily show you a primitive life through the microscope or a life in space!


2.    Animation is good for making funny video and creating attractive characters. If you need to amplify, hyperbolize or vividly express any aspect, motion graphics would be the best.


3.    You may also mix animated motion graphics and live action video. Bringing animated elements, such as animated logo or animated elements with brand colours, to a live action video will make your brand recognizable at a glance.


4.    Animation will be helpful, if you promote a product, which bears an unpleasant connotation. For example, hospitals and clinics often show the patients complicated equipment and unpleasant treatment procedures. It triggers fear and unwillingness to seek for medical attention. Live action video in this case may just dramatize the patient’s fear. Animation, vice versa may improve the attitude drastically, especially if presented in funny and humorous tone. Animated image of normally unpleasant things will ease sensation of fear and will have general stress-relieving impact. Be sure, animation will improve motivation for patient!


5.    Animation may be abstract. Abstract concepts are very difficult to convey in live action video!

Animation will be especially helpful for web services and high-tech companies. With animated video, any abstract concepts, such as conversion, may be quickly explained for an audience through visual metaphor.


Live Action Video vs Animated Motion Graphics

Natalia Gorlo

It’s up to you to decide whether to use a live action video or an animated motion graphics. Both tools are rather efficient, if being updated frequently. Moreover, you are always free to mix various styles in achieving your target!

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