1.    Use Video on a Landing Page!
Why to create a landing page?
•    - To induce a user to Sign Up and Subscribe for newsletters
•    - To sell you product in special conditions (e.g. sale or promotion campaign)
•    - To induce a user to download or install your software
A video on a landing page is a unique tool creating an engagement medium where visitors can experience your message!
A video shall present the essence of your offer and its benefits. In a video the idea of your product shall be apparent and motivation component shall be strong.
A typical scenario of a promotion video, whatever the type of service or product you provide, is as follows:
•    Formulate a problem, which a user faces
•    Show a possible solution
•    Highlight benefits of the solution which you provide
•    Highlight that your service is simple and reasonable
•    Call for action!

A video on a landing page aimed at promotion campaign shall demonstrate all the benefits and warn the prospective customer on tight deadlines of your offer.

2.    Use Customer Feedback for Promo!
Are you launching a product or service? You need to share this big event… You need a vivid presentation of all the benefits your product provides to the users. Promo video is the best way to achieve this goal. To enhance the positive effect, add a feedback of your client who already used your product. First-hand experience, peculiar ways of usage, client feedback, witty and humorous stile will definitely make the prospective clients to sign up. More practical approach to the content, performed by giving guidelines, manuals and tutorials in simplistic and humorous manner, will help to make your video viral in social networks and blogs.

3.    Don’t forget a Magic Word =)
It always pays to keep in touch with your clients! It always pays to make special touches for your clients! Expressing your appreciation to client in form of animation will definitely improve customer loyalty. It may become a powerful tool, as it implies a strong emotional impact. Besides, if a video is created professionally enough, it may become a viral promo. So, how it works? You may create a short humorous video, saying how much you suffered without your dear clients and giving appreciation to the clients for staying with you. There is another easy option. You may create an animated holyday greeting and send link to it to your clients. Holyday greeting is always the best and simplest way to keep in touch with your clients. You may further post this video in any social network. Custom-made video aimed directly at your clients is the best way to show, how much you appreciate them.

4.    Use video in your blog 
Info-video is the best choice for blogs. The more comprehensive and informative such video is, the better impact it creates to the viewer. Your guests will appreciate your experience and generosity for knowledge. This will definitely add to the number of your followers. Besides, video helps to make blogs top ranked in Google search and allows standing out against the peers.

5.    Create animated guidelines  to explain how to use your website
Video guidelines is an essential tool for successful website, especially for startup projects. Animated presentation helps to clarity website functionality. It enables you to fascinate guests of your website with a dynamic and vivid manual. Video guidelines are getting more and more popular now, as people are not willing to be bothered with reading a long and detailed manual. Video guidelines are characterized by informal tone and plain language. The researches have proven that visual communication allows to easily get on with users. Video guidelines simultaneously involve visual and sound perception, enabling user to get better image of your service or product. How will you benefit from it? Statistics says, that a website video guideline posted on the main page allows increasing clickthrough rate by 300%.

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