Regardless of the way you exercise creativity, whether you are seeking for new ideas, creating videos or animation, writing scripts or program codes, drawing funny characters or trying to find ways for implementation of complex science-based data or so on, one day you may get stuck and need a sharp intake of breath.

There are some tips, which will help you to get inspired:
1.    Seek for a new perspective:
Light – change a position of light source to modify perception of the object or the global view (a human brain is easily stressed with unfamiliar things, for example, the distinctive feature of horrors is “light-from-below”).
Scale – look down the world from a bird perspective or look through the microscope and you will find a lot of fascinating things (or at least look at the images of such perspective).
Experience an unusual or even scaring world, go to a terrarium, look through the insect encyclopedia or try diving to experience the underwater life, other words, plunge into the weird and unfamiliar world.

2.    Take interest to unfamiliar and brand new things
Read articles about cultures you have never heard about, look at the pictures, read myths, and learn about traditions of these cultures. If you have never been interested in a history, read about the history of different countries, watch documentary movies. Should you dislike botanics, take a closer look to plants, admire the appearance and diversity of plant life, seek for new forms and contents in nature.

3.    Go for a walk and enjoy looking around!
Walking is the best way to look around, watch the streets, people, to free mind from anxiety and meditate. You may take a break and go camping to the forest or seaside. Nature is beautiful everywhere, you need just look closer!

4.    Take a break – don’t stumble with the idea that you MUST create or invent something. Take a deep breath, make a pause, treat yourself with some tasty stuff and consider what you WANT to create. Consider the things which you find interesting, beautiful or fascinating… 
5.    Exercise
Jogging, fitness or Chi Quong will help you to deal with stress, clear your mind and get energized. Experience new activity!

6.    Do something unusual – go to a new exhibition, to a ballet or watch physical experiments. Any of such experience may inspire you to some new ideas. Do not shelve your wishes and act on the spot… Meet the challenge to improve your self-esteem!

7.    Study people – get inspiration from the pieces of art created by artists, writers, photographers. Sign up for some interesting blogs. Search for something beautiful or interesting in Web.

8.    Communicate and socialize.
Discuss your ideas with others. If possible, take a brainstorm, play an association game with your friends.
It will be useful to talk to somebody who holds the opposite point of view. Truth is born of arguments! (Just mind to keep behaving like cultivated man and don’t overstep the bounds of decency))

9.    Do what you like – Do you have a hobby? It’s good for you! Look around; seek for alternative approach to your activity. This may inspire you!

10.    Mind that all things are difficult before they are easy
Do not procrastinate! Shelving a difficult task will not make it easier.  Split your task for portions and keep steadily doing it. This is the only way to deal with routine. Take a reward for each successfully completed step!

11.    Bring up a habit of taking notes – keep a notebook with you or download an app, which allows you to take note of any idea flickering in your head. You never know what it will grow into after some time. It will help you to polish it, elaborating a real masterpiece! 

12.    Escape your Ivory Tower – sometimes you need to leave the conventional place of your mental activity and continue your considerations sitting in some cafe next door or on the grass in the park… Why not? Expose yourself to new things!

13.    Meet new people
A new person is a new world. Seek for new stories, new memories and visions in your social environment. 

14.    Use a Vision Board to fit the pieces of your idea together, make a plan from the first step till the final goal. Pin all the images to the board, take a step backwards and you will see the integral picture of the prospective project.

15.    Don't be afraid of changing the direction and taking risk!

Should you reach a deadlock, don’t be afraid to start from a blank sheet. Change the direction of your idea drastically. Do not restrict yourself with fear of not being understood or going beyond the conventional limits. Meet the challenge!

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