Many brands are aware of risk to be left ignored among the plenty of offers and pieces of information. Despite maintaining the direct contact with a customer your website may be hardly saved in bookmarks. Here arises a question: what is the secret of companies which managed to win popularity? There are numerous ways to attract the attention of prospective customers. In this article we are going to consider video as the easiest and the most efficient way to win clients for your resource.

1.    Be honest with your client. Cheating your customer will taint your image. As consequence you will lose your client! Mind that the first impression is the strongest one. The second chance may exhaust your company without any success!

2.    Use up-to-date communication means. Both live action video and motion graphics are the same efficient web marketing tools.
How-to video. As the proverb says, a picture is worth a thousand words! These words of wisdom are currently as relevant as never. Any user of your resource will definitely prefer watching how-to video for your product than reading 100 articles about it, even if the articles are illustrated. High rating of how-to videos on YouTube is the best evidence of this fact. 
Even one posted how-to video may boost conversion rate of your website. 
Background video in a website header or on a landing page will also improve attractiveness and visual impact of your website. Consider what information you may address by means of a background video. For example, you may show the life of your company.
Let’s see how video content works.
Live action video and motion graphics allow your clients to understand your company better. Using animate video content, either serious or funny, will help to reduce your costs and improve your conversion rate. It will also enhance brand loyalty. Use motion graphics, create animated video and don't be afraid of experiments. Our team will try its best to help you in achieving your goal!

3.    Keep in touch with your audience. Collect feedback, answer the addressed questions and do not ignore your clients. Show your appreciation to your clients, reward them with discounts, and create video greetings to keep in touch with your clients.

4.    Socialize. Update your accounts in social networks, launch games and promo, post useful content, tips and feedback.

5.    Do not hesitate to make the first move! Send requests, letters and invitations to your clients. Do not freeze movement, waiting until your clients find you be themselves. Act bravely!

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