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We make it possible to manage your team remotely!

05.12.2017 Good to know

Create your project: • Create as many projects as you need • Control periodicity of statistics gathering and taking your employees’ screenshots

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Animation in the world of advertising

19.07.2017 Good to know

Which association does a phrase Motion Graphics evoke in your mind? We are 99.9% sure that it reminds you of cartoons. In generally you are right. Now think, what cartoons do you remember?

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Video Sitemap: Why to Use Sitemap for Video

18.04.2017 Opinion

Any webmaster knows that to communicate to a search engine any updates on a website or a website page list, you need to create a sitemap. What would you do to «tell» about video files on your website? You would definitely use a video sitemap! Let’s have a simple example of making a video sitemap.

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5 Ways to Efficiently Use Video for Web Promotion

01.02.2017 Good to know

How does motion graphics contribute to your E-business? What tools does an efficient web promotion require? How to turn web visitors into clients and boost clickthrough rate? Find the answer below!

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Motion Graphics as a Way of Communication: Why Does It Work?

Animation has lots of fans at all times. Animated commercial won numerous prizes at Cannes Lions. Many countries hold various animated film festivals. Animated movies have been staying at the peak of popularity for many years by now! So, why does animation still work?

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