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A movie starts with a script!

We offer you some useful tips in scriptwriting for promo and animated video. The main tip for anyone who is going to write a script is Just Start Writing It!

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Why it’s Easy to Get Lost and Hard to be Found in Internet

24.01.2013 Good to know

Why it’s Easy to Get Lost and Hard to be Found in Internet Information gap is not the problem of modern life. Nowadays Internet makes a life of an average person overloaded with information. An extreme competition made it difficult to draw attention of prospective customers to your website, brand, product or service.

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Why animation will live forever?

23.05.2012 Opinion

1. Animation is the way to magical worlds...

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Charity forum "Fantastic animation" in the movie theater Record.

27.04.2011 Animi studio life

The event’s speaker was Natalia Gorlo, the art director of the studio.

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Article at the Magazine Creative director

27.12.2010 Animi studio life

The article from our studio director Natalia Gorlo was released at a professional Russian magazine

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