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An advertising character

14.04.2016 Opinion

Nowadays a process of a usual brand turning into a recognizable one has a global dimension. Every company tends to build long-term customer engagement, and our post-industrial society requires every company’s special intangible benefits. Personifying a product is one of the most effective ways to build a positive brand image.

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5 Reasons You Should Add Video to Your Website

22.03.2016 Good to know

Moreover, using both live action video and motion graphics is always best to give people the information they need as quickly as you can, while keeping them interested. High-quality video imprints for a long time and if supported with sound, directly appeals to the emotions a viewer.  What benefits may video create to your business?

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Six Rules of a Successful Presentation.

09.02.2016 Good to know

We have already demonstrated you the advantages of a video presentation comparing to a marketing copy or a website in our previous articles. Let us now get deeper into the issue of a content quality of your video.

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Benefits of Using Video on Your Landing Page

03.04.2015 Good to know

Don’t you still have a video on your landing page? Why not? 87% of web-marketers use videos in one way or another to promote their business. Guess why? Because it is effective. Do not bore users with mass of text! Just put a video on your landing page to show off your product.

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Live Action Video vs Animated Motion Graphics

24.03.2015 Opinion

What would you prefer: a live action video or an animated motion graphics? What would better suit to achieve your goals?

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