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10 Tips to Make Your Video Efficient

18.02.2015 Good to know

Have you ever dealt with video marketing? Have you ever considered how to make your video or motion graphics more engaging and efficient? Below you will find some tips, which will help you to improve your video content and to boost conversion rate.

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Background Video as a Marketing Tool

01.06.2014 Opinion

What is a background web video? Which format is better to use? How to make an animated background? In this article we will try to answer all these questions.

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How to Find Inspiration

It doesn’t matter, how long you have been dealing with the business of creativity and which area of this business you’ve been engaged with.

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A movie starts with a script!

We offer you some useful tips in scriptwriting for promo and animated video. The main tip for anyone who is going to write a script is Just Start Writing It!

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Why it’s Easy to Get Lost and Hard to be Found in Internet

24.01.2013 Good to know

Why it’s Easy to Get Lost and Hard to be Found in Internet Information gap is not the problem of modern life. Nowadays Internet makes a life of an average person overloaded with information. An extreme competition made it difficult to draw attention of prospective customers to your website, brand, product or service.

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